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Default Re: Lowry gone?

Originally Posted by jailer
Blair is going top ten or at least in the lottery. We could draft him with our first pick. But I would only do that if we fall o far to get one of the bigs in the top picks.

I think we should draft a small forward and then sign paul milsap with our cap money. And another shooter in free agency. Maybe rashard mccants or korver.
Draftexpress has Blair going at around the 18/19th spot. NBADraft don't have him going until the 23rd pick. I do think that his stock is definitly going to increase though. If Pitt can make a deep run during the tournament, then I think his draft value will really shoot up. The only thing holding him back is his height, but he has the length, weight and tenacity to make up for it.

The top 5 guys are Griffin, Harden, Monroe, Thabeet and Hill. If we get a top 5 pick, we should look at any one of them. Thabeet and Hill would be the most likely ones that we get. If we fall past the 5th spot, then who knows who we should pick up. There aren't many potentially great players after the 5th spot, Jennings? Clark? Curry? All solid players that should be looked at.

With the pick from Orlando, we're looking at getting a pick at about 25 or so, most likely lower.
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