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Default Re: Post An Ideal Trade

Personally I can't stand Rondo but he is a great up and coming pg and I'd take him in a heart beat. So if you can get Rondo and the expiring contract of Ray Allen you gotta look at that cuz of the money you will have when Shaq and Allen come off the books. That Wizards deal I don't like unless you get Jamison, the Clippers #1 pick sounds very interesting, but in all realness you gotta get a good offer or extend Amare and trade him later. I just hope the suns don't mess up their money in 2010 they got a chance to get something(s) good and sign a few players. You can keep Amare and put a team around him but he cannot be the focal point but he will wanna be. I don't see Amare as a go to player but he is a solid finisher and great in close around the rim on offense.
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