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Default Re: Post An Ideal Trade

Personally, I like the ole Shaqtus to New Orleans Trade. Send in Tyson Chandler, and let's say Jannero Pargo's rights and some filler like Butler for Shaq.

And for Amar'e....let's send him to Portland for obviously...LaMarcus, and Travis Outlaw(who they're supposedly desperate to send off for Hedo), and Sergio. There would need to be some filler included from Portland to make it work and maybe the Suns first because Portland is hard to deal with but still. A good point guard a solid SF, and someone who gets Bosh comparisons!

Imagine if BOTH of those come through...

All you need is a bench big somewhere say maybe...Hakim Warrick?
That's a great starting line up with a decent bench. Plus there's a lot of Cap relief.
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