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Default Re: 2019 NFL Draft Discussion

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
Don't underestimate Pat Shurmur's role in the Giants taking Daniel Jones. He was instrumental during his short tenure as coach of the Browns in taking Brandon Weeden 22nd overall in 2012.

I consider that the single worst pick in the history of the modern NFL Draft. Not only was it a reach and not only were there far better QBs on the board (Russell Wilson, Kirk Cousins, Nick Foles), but Weeden was 29(!) years old.

But, you look at the measurables and the skillset... Weeden and Jones are very similar prospects. Now, Jones may hit and he is still a ways from collecting Social Security checks, so it could never be on the level of the Weeden pick, but....

...this has Pat Shurmur written all over it.

So interesting watching the draft this year. For Browns fans, this has always been our Super Bowl and then it was downhill from here. This year, I can sit back and relax. The first time I can remember that the season is more exciting than the draft.
Makes sense, Shurmur had his most success with... Case Keenum. Giants have become a joke of a franchise. What can I say, I thought the Giants would be the only team out of the ones I root for to be a professional and respectable team
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