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Default Re: Worst posters on this site

Originally Posted by Patrick Chewing
You're an honest and hardworking man and my anger towards you was due to your poor state of mind back in the days of your urine baths.

But you have risen out of the ashes. Like a phoenix. You have taken up the cause of injustice towards White NBA players and Whites and it has shown.

But Don.....Don is a coward. A snake in the grass. A racial divider. The lowest of the lows. I thought he was gentleman like me, and when he lost our bet in 2016, he couldn't contain himself, and he came back under this new moniker. More treacherous and duplicitous than ever before. Protected by his cronies such as MaxFly and others, Don is on a campaign to destabilize this board and he has done so already. His anger and resentment over losing the election and especially to yours truly has caused him to sabotage the very foundation of our civil discourse here on this board. And soon, it will carry over to the streets. Soon, he will encounter me on the streets. And I must do the deed in order to salvage this board and our society. Put an end to people like him who have no place in our society.

The last days of Shook Don are upon him.

He knows what he has to do to save his soul.

Oh wow.

So you won a bet and he had to retire his name.

At least he retired the name and honored the bet.

This is deep, though; I can't even begin to understand what you two have been through.

Compelling story.
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