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Default Re: If Kobe Can't Win It All in 2013 Then He Should NOT Be Top 10

Originally Posted by chazzy
I've never understood the idea of a player going lower on an all time list without another player surpassing them.

I think it makes sense if you're counting active players. Their careers evolve and parts of their legacy become either additions or subtractions.

To me, Kobe is the third best guard ever and #8 all time. I have him behind MJ, Russell, Kareem, Magic, Bird, Wilt and Duncan and in that order. I go back and forth between spots 5-8. Bird, Wilt, Duncan and Kobe are all kind of in the same tier to me. If Kobe does however end his last great run with a dysfunctional failure, then yeah, it does effect how I rank him without say, LeBron jumping into the top 10.

He doesn't slide so much as his feet get stuck in cement to me.
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