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Originally Posted by Shogon
Feed him the rock now? Who knows? Have to wait for the season to start to be able to tell... but this year or next should be one of the years or it probably won't happen for him offensively in terms of becoming a juggernaut. His defense & rebounding are way ahead of schedule and as long as that keeps improving along with Darko's offense, Magic are set.

If his offense develops as good as it could be, we could be looking at someone between Garnett and Shaq in terms of how good they end up. But I'm not sure it'll happen... I think he'll end up being a shade under KG & TD when his career is said and done as far as an individual standpoint goes but I think he will be the second most important piece if not most important piece of a championship team if that makes any sense. The things he's good at... he's just so good at. Sorta like Ben Wallace.

He is a David Robinson type to me. I'm not judging his offensive output until his 5th year. Everything until then is gravy.
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