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Default Re: 2017 Off Season Thread

Originally Posted by ~primetime~
Peterson can block AND catch but I don't think he would used as a 3rd down back anyway so it's not as pressing.

I guarantee you someone will give him $5 a year...he's asking for $8 that's the problem.

I think he will land...

1. Packers
2. Raiders
3. Patriots
4. Giants

5. Cowboys

peterson is well below average in both blocking and catching. he consistently ranks among the worst in the nfl in blocking according to PFF, and despite barely ever getting targeted he still only catches ~70% of the balls that are thrown at him. for comparison, guys like danny woodhead catch around ~80-90% of their targets on much higher volume. when peterson does catch the ball he doesnt do much with it, cause he only has 5 total rec TDs in his entire career (david johnson had 4 rec TDs just last year and 8 total in his 2 years of NFL).

i dont doubt that theres a possibility that someone will give him $5m, i am just saying that i wouldnt. there is no way in hell that the patriots give him $5m.

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