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Default Re: Browns 1st and 4th pick

Originally Posted by DukeDelonte13
I remember reading something that Chubb had subpar agility for an elite pass rusher prospect.. Do I buy that that was the reason Browns passed on him? Nope.

I think Browns just went with a position of need more than BPA. Garrett and Ogbah are good and their secondary is weak. Gotta have a good secondary to increase the effectiveness of the pass rush.

Maybe they just didn't see chubb as a can't miss prospect and rolled the dice on prospect that played a position of more need. I don't know.

Browns have been bitten in the ass so many times in the draft i'm numb. Hope it doesn't happen again but if it does its just business as usual.

The fact that Garrett is good (who is ogbah lol) doesnt change the fact that pass rushers are more valuable and more important than corners. The Eagles just won the superbowl vs the best QB of all time with a team that was virtually all pass rush and zero secondary.

One glance at a list of recent superbowl winners and playoff teams in general is all it takes to prove the value of pass rushing. Aside from Atlanta vs NE (and perhaps NO vs IND in 2009), 8 or 9 out of the last 10 Superbowl champs featured some of the best pass rushes in the league.

I dont watch much college football, but from what I have seen Chubb was the top rated pass rusher for a good reason.

Even if the Browns decided that corners were vastly more needed than pass rushers (which would be stupid), drafting on supposed "need" is asanine when your team is a complete trainwreck from top to bottom.

Anyway, of course the Browns are going to be bitten in the ass again. Fucking up this badly for this many years, despite a million different coaches and quarterbacks, shows that the problem is not a coach or a GM but something inherent to the browns. Its not hard to see the real problem, Jimmy Haslam is one of the absolute worst owners in sports, and every year his fingerprints are all over the perpetual turd of a team playing in cleveland. Much like the Knicks with Dolan, the Browns will be trapped in mediocrity or worse until they get an ownership group that isnt completely retarded.

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