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Default Re: LeBron's decision was a smart one.

Originally Posted by Real Men Wear Green
Clearly it's easier to win a Championship with Wade and Bosh. But his success is not as meaningful as it would have been had he managed to do it in Cleveland. He's accomplished a great deal and I absolutely don't want to sound like I'm belittling winning Championships and MVPs no matter the team you do it for. But he himself is not the hometown hero in Miami like he was as a Cav. He wasn't just a ballplayer there, he was a pillar of the economy that people depended on, a symbol of hope for a state that wasn't just down in sports but in life. He will never be as socially and economically as significant as he could have been and to me that's the missed opportunity.

And just on the court, I prefer to see more competitive spirit in superstars. HE should have been looking to surpass Wade's ring count, not enhance it.

Certainly doesn't make him a bad guy and I'm not judging him as such I just feel like he could have been a lot more significant than he is/will be, even though he is and will be an all-time great.

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