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Default Re: Ric Bucher: Owners of both NBA/NHL teams, say a whole season lockout is worth it.

Originally Posted by 2LeTTeRS
Hunter questioned some accounting procedures on what constitutes operating losses, and pointed out that, in many markets, team owners also earn revenue from also owning local TV networks that carry the teams' games.
Unless somebody points out what these accounting policies were in question. I'll assume they were the same from deadspin since the ESPN article made reference to them.

Also owning local TV networks isn't an excuse for owners to take the hit. Those TV networks are a different company and should be treated separately. Or maybe you could tell Paul Allen and Mark Cuban that its perfectly ok for them to funnel all their earnings from their other business to the players.

At a microsoft meeting...

Hey we made a lot of money this year, let's use that money to develop a new product to go head to head against the ipod.

I'm sorry we can't, since I need that money to pay off salaries of my NBA team.
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