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Originally Posted by trc2006
Well, I don't think you two have to argue over this issue that much.

Comparisons are just for media and for overhyped fans, unless you take them easy...

I don't think you should keep on comparing the two guys, they just won the gold together, and they seem to respect each other and like each other. They were together for the whole time after the final buzzer.

Statistics don't always tell the truth. Every single statistic is valid in is own context, but you cannot absolutely compare statistics from different contexts.

If Lakers would have played 2008 Finals against a team like 2006 Dallas, Kobe would have been on top of that ranking... Wade against 2008 Celtics, simply wouldn't even win a single game.

You can rate a player for Points, rebounds or assists per game during a whole season, during the playoffs, but there is no way you find the formula for THE CLUTCHEST PLAYER EVER.

Fourth quarter, gold medal game, the game on the line, Spain within 2. Who do you give the ball to?
The answer is KOBE. And it was Wade who gave him the ball.
Kobe makes a 4 points play and fouls out one of their best players. And the he put his hands on other 10 consecutives points. With points or assists.
That means that EVERYBODY on the team acknowledged that the best thing to do was giving kobe the ball. He turned every ball into points for his team.
That is being clutch.

Hail to Wade, probably the MVP of the tournament, but Wade himself knows that when the ball is hot, Kobe has coldest hands of them all.

Ok first of all I just want to say that last line "When the ball is hot, Kobe has the coldest hands of them all" sounds pretty damn cool, and yes I give props to Kobe for making a very big shot, he had a pretty cold shooting game (which is something that happens more often than his fans would like to admit to) but that 4 point play was just ice. The way he gave the crowd a frozen stare and pressed his finger to his lips hushing the Spanish supporters was pretty cool aswell. Cool things aside though, I had one thing about your post that really struck an off chord with me. You said, "If Lakers would have played 2008 Finals against a team like 2006 Dallas, Kobe would have been on top of that ranking... Wade against 2008 Celtics, simply wouldn't even win a single game." How do you know that? To make an intelligent logically understanding argument to support a statement of that nature would require an advanced use of statistics, and here you are, someone who down plays the value of statistics, making this ludicrous statement. Well I'm no "advanced" user of statistics but I know PER classifies as an advanced statistic, and Wade maintained the greatest PER in finals history to pull off that upset. Kobe's PER has never been all that great, last season was arguably his best season, his MVP season, and Kobe PER was 8th in the league. As for the bit about how Wade won't even win one game against the Celtics, Detroit had one of the best defenses of all time a few years back and they had no answer to Wade in the playoffs until he got injured. I'm not even going to bother elaborating or bringing up the links to support that further because quite frankly I question your intelligence, the magnitude of foolishness within that statement of yours is brain numbing. If I'm wrong and these statements are not foolish, please enlighten me, what are you basing them on on? Otherwise just pretend you never said it, and I'll gladly do the same.
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