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To make an intelligent logically understanding argument to support a statement of that nature would require an advanced use of statistics, and here you are, someone who down plays the value of statistics, making this ludicrous statement. Well I'm no "advanced" user of statistics but I know PER classifies as an advanced statistic, and Wade maintained the greatest PER in finals history to pull off that upset. Kobe's PER has never been all that great, last season was arguably his best season, his MVP season, and Kobe PER was 8th in the league. As for the bit about how Wade won't even win one game against the Celtics, Detroit had one of the best defenses of all time a few years back and they had no answer to Wade in the playoffs until he got injured. I'm not even going to bother elaborating or bringing up the links to support that further because quite frankly I question your intelligence, the magnitude of foolishness within that statement of yours is brain numbing. If I'm wrong and these statements are not foolish, please enlighten me, what are you basing them on on? Otherwise just pretend you never said it, and I'll gladly do the same.

Wow, chill...

you're just talking basketball... You say I can't tell, because we'll never know: this denies my theory, but yours too. You can't tell Wade is more clutch than Kobe, they never played Finals against the same team, or with the same team. Wade played with Shaq making his pounds count and letting Flash shine, the way he would have never done with Kobe, he wanted to demonstrate to the world that Wade was better than Bryant... As I said, different context, no way you can compare...

As for PER Ratings you're in love with, well it's numbers, it's not THE TRUTH. It tells more or less how a player affects the game. But, if your defense shuts down an opposite player, this shows not in PER. if you force a player to take bad shots, this shows not in PER. Taken from wikipedia:

PER largely measures offensive performance. Hollinger freely admits that two of the defensive statistics it incorporates -- blocks and steals -- can produce a distorted picture of a player's value and that PER is not a reliable measure of a player's defensive acumen. For example, Bruce Bowen, widely regarded as one of the best defenders in the NBA (at least through the 2006-07 season), has routinely posted single-digit PERs.

Bear in mind that this rating is not the final, once-and-for-all answer for a player's accomplishments during the season. This is especially true for players such as Bruce Bowen and Trenton Hassell who are defensive specialists but don't get many blocks or steals.

Neither PER nor per-game statistics take into account such intangible elements as competitive drive, leadership, durability, conditioning, or hustle, largely because there is no real way to measure these things, which are often based on opinion and hearsay.

I would add to this, adapted from "There can only be one"

There are so many emotions at the end of a game, and one of them is fear.
Fear that you got so close, and it could all end.
Fear that your opponent may rise above you and make the basket that separetes:
from loss

When the opposite player sees the ball in Kobe's hands they start to fear: "he's going to make it again..." No other player instills this fear.

Fear is not a factor in your PER rating
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