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Default Re: Is OKC a Complete team after this Draft ??

Originally Posted by Svendiggity
the Thunder were the 8th seed. Chris Paul is back, Blake Griffon is healthy, Portland might not have injury problems? , hell even Memphis and Houston had pretty good drafts. The West is tough. I wouldn't be surprised if the Thunder don't make the playoffs, especially if the Spurs don't get dismantled.

To answer the question - they are not a complete team. Any team with Kevin Durant as the leader is not a complete team, sorry. I just wouldn't feel comfortable with that guy leading me. I play with more passion when I play pickup games.

The Thunder were able to play freely in the Playoffs because of many different factors. They had no pressure on them, and were able to just play like kids at a park. They won't be able to play that way again, because if they lose in the playoffs people won't say "wow they won 2 games against so and so" People only say that once, then they expect more.

I don't like how you just say that they where the 8th seed like they didn't do that good. It's not like they just barely got in.

They won just as many games as the 6th seed, and where only 7 games away from the 1st seed and 4 games away from the 3rd seed, while they where 8 games ahead of Houston at 9th.

And your approach towards is so negative, don't forget that they are one of the youngest teams in the league and players do still improve a lot at the age most of them are at.
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