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Default Re: Why wouldn't New Jersey take this deal?

Its funny that people discuss the possibility of Lebron coming to NJ. And even funnier that he might not come because of the team that NJ has now. Is it not possible that these guys may turn out better when 2010 comes. If harris can get consistent in his shooting he can be a top 10 pg by then maybe even 5. Brook lopez maybe a bust but if he becomes decent isnt that enticing enough consider that you mentioned that Z is might retire. Lebron will want paycheck ofcourse and the possibility of winning the championship ring . If NJ turns out to be a pretty good team next year its not impossible that they might get Lebron or his batchmates. Plus If Nj gets lucky in the lottery they might get a good pick next year even though its considered as a weaker class than this year's draft. We can never tell what would Lebron do and the other stars . However if Lebron wins a ring before 2010 he will likely stay as a Cav but if not i wont be surprise if he leaves. NJ is one of the teams that has a good future in 2010
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