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Default Re: Why wouldn't New Jersey take this deal?

Originally Posted by Mathius
Do you guys listen to yourself? Lebron's going to go to Brooklyn because his friend is there. Like it's just a question of where you want to live.

"Jay-Z is a winner" As if Jay-Z has an actual basketball background to back up that statement.

I can't wait until 2010 to see what really happens. Unfortunately, I guess I'm going to have to listen to this crap until then.


Yeah, I'm pissed I'm going to have to wait 2 years to hear to Cleveland fans sob as LBJ leaves them.

Even if the Nets don't get him...someone will. I think Cleveland has about a 25% chance of keeping him, and the sooner Cleveland fans look to accept this very real possibility, the better.

As for Jay-Z, the guy's life has been and continues to be one big success. He may only be 5% or less minority owner, but it's still a SIZABLE investement on Jay-Z's part and something very important to him.

I'm not playing the friend's card to heavily, or even the LBJ card too heavily, but this team will be a budding contender starting in 2010.

Unfortunately, I don't think Cleveland will be.
IMO they have two years to win the title with LBJ.
That should be your mentality before it's too late.
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