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Default Re: Ricky Rubio Sickest Pass in Today ACB playoffs

Originally Posted by Jinxed
He needs to work on his shooting a little, but it has shown massive improvement over the past year. Even though he played most of the season with a CAST on his shooting wrist he still shot 43% from three. 81% from foul line. He doesn't have much of a mid range game. That could be improved upon, especially if he added something like Nash's quick 15 foot jumpers to his arsenal.

His defense is breathtaking. He was ACB defensive player of the year. His ability to steal the ball is unlike any player we have ever seen. As a 16 year old in the Euroleague he averaged 3.5 steals a game in only 18 minutes of action!

His basketball IQ is off the charts, although I don't think anyone can say what his comprehension of NBA ball is like as he hasn't played a game there yet.

Man, he doesn't have to work on his shot a little, he needs to work A LOT. It's terrible, disgraceful. Anyways, you improve your shooting with age and sometimes we just don't remember that this kid is FUKING DARN 18 YEAR OLD. He's being playing between pros since age 14, he played face to face against THE BEST players in the world during the Olympic's finals and everyone who watched wouldn't have said that little kid was the worst player in the floor, at all.

I can't help but laugh at people saying that he'll be a bust, or that NBA is way different than Europe so he won't be that good, or blah blah blah. This kid has been breaking records since AGE 14, always playing against pros. He's not stupid or weak. He's a leader, and he's leading a team during ACB Playoffs at age 18. Even though he's not that athletic, he has great body and height to be a PG. His IQ is just something unseen at that age, ever.
He's one of the best defensive players IN THE WHOLE CONTINENT, if not the best, again at age 18. That will make sure that he gets minutes from day 1 in the NBA, just what he needs, experience and learning. Expect something like 10/8/5/3 in his first season.

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