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Default Re: Can the Wolves win a title now that they have Rose?

If PeroAntic actually has watched Rose play and he thinks this nonsense he "literally" knows nothing about basketball and should just stop watching. Ever since he tore his knee apart every single team he's been on has played better when he's off the floor. He can't shoot, he can't play defense, he can't finish (his % between 0-3 feet has just been garbage since since he hurt his knee), and he's prone to 3 or 4 stupid plays a game. (at least) He just has a very poor BBIQ and has never learned how to play any other way than he always had growing up and as a young star. Maybe he's not the athlete he once was, but he's still athletic enough that he could be effective out there for a team if he had a capable enough BBIQ to adapt to a different system. Also, stop talking about Rose in the 2015 playoffs like he played well. He average 21.7 points on 22.5 shots vs the Cavs in their series. That's atrocious. Jimmy Butler was obviously the best Bull in that series.

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