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Default Re: Kevin Love replaces Yao in the ASG

Originally Posted by MMM
What kind of impact do you expect him to make when even KG stats were struggling to make an impact in his last few years there.

Kg's '07 Wolves were 32-44 with him and 0-6 without him. They were horrible, but their record with him is A LOT more respectable than Minnesota's disgusting 11-37 record now.

Hell, look at the garbage T-Mac had in 2002 and 2003, he dragged those teams to above .500 records and the playoffs. Teams consisting of Drew Gooden, Gordan Giricek, 300+ pound Shawn Kemp, Darrell Armstrong in his mid 30's and Pat Garrity.

Or even Carter in Toronto, those teams struggled big time without him, or a past his prime Vince in '08 and '09 with New Jersey, the Nets didn't win a game when he was out in '08 and '09, then they went 12-70 after trading him and he didn't even make the '08 and '09 all-star teams.

All of those players led bad teams to much better records than Love is right now.
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