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Default Re: Kevin Love replaces Yao in the ASG

Originally Posted by ShaqAttack3234
Kg's '07 Wolves were 32-44 with him and 0-6 without him. They were horrible, but their record with him is A LOT more respectable than Minnesota's disgusting 11-37 record now.

Hell, look at the garbage T-Mac had in 2002 and 2003, he dragged those teams to above .500 records and the playoffs. Teams consisting of Drew Gooden, Gordan Giricek, 300+ pound Shawn Kemp, Darrell Armstrong in his mid 30's and Pat Garrity.

Or even Carter in Toronto, those teams struggled big time without him, or a past his prime Vince in '08 and '09 with New Jersey, the Nets didn't win a game when he was out in '08 and '09, then they went 12-70 after trading him and he didn't even make the '08 and '09 all-star teams.

All of those players led bad teams to much better records than Love is right now.
Love isn't a franchise player.
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