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Default Re: Magic asked Knicks about chandler and amare

Originally Posted by franchize
Why are we clamoring for our best player to be traded?

Knicks fans always want to run their best player out of town...especially if they have any ties to the NY area. I say if the Dwight Howard opportunity presents itself, take it. If not, stick with what you have. As poor as Amare has been playing, as up and down as Melo has been, I'd take our front court over damn near any other team's in the league. When we were struggling with Gallo and Chandler as our best players, if someone would have told you we'd have a front court of Tyson Chandler, Amare Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony, you would have all pissed your pants in excitement. Let's not be ungrateful now. Let's just grow as a team. DON'T MAKE ANYMORE BONEHEAD OFFSEASON DECISIONS. Replace Mike with someone competent and we'll be on the right track.
Bravo sir.
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