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Originally Posted by GOBB
Uh huh. Never said you couldnt admire a player but being tho you were limited in seeing him actually play is funny. Once a week was enough and every game was the Celtics? Or every other week? Because if that was the case that your once a week fix on bball was limited to watching the Celtics vs, then you cant really comment on too many players back then. How old were you 10? 11?

David Wingate was guarding him.

I probably saw him play about 10 times all up, which is probably 10 times more than the majority of the board. I actually typed in the 1st post "commentators" have said, "yadda yadda yadda."
I'm not pretending that I'm a Reggie Lewis pro and know the ind and outs of his game. But I was a fan. I saw him play: (from memory) Bulls, Knicks, and the Lakers. Maybe a Phoenix game as well. I don't know I was young, but I don't really think that matters.

Are you trying to use your p!ss-poor geewiz15 "you have'nt seen, so you can't comment" rubbish? It's not working on me GOBB. I asked a simple question in my post, but as per usual predictable GOBB tries to turn a good thread into a flame war.
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