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Default Nike Air Zoom Soldier 3s (Lebrons)

Mann......I finally decided to try a pair of nikes, as I've always only bought adidas shoes, my first pair was the air pippen 2s....that broke after about 3 months, then I spent all my savings to get the VC2s...and I sprained my ankle for the first time, so I got rid of those, and ever since I've been wearing adidas, but the reviews for this shoe and what I hear from my friends all indicate it is a very good shoe, so i got it, I wore it today...extremely uncomfortable, which I'm fine with, as shoes need to get broken in, however, I wore it for less than 2 hours, I get home and a whole chunk of the front was must have been scuffed's like a HUGE scuff mark, the black turned into white, and now it's ugly as hell....this is on the very front of the tongue of the shoes...has anyone experienced this??
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