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Default MJ was doing the same stuff at Lebron's age too...

Before we write a eulogy for Lebron's legacy...let's take a trip down memory lane...

Game 5, 1989 ECF: (entire game is on youtube)

At this point, this was the biggest game of Jordan's career, he's in his prime and he pulls the same sh*t Lebron did. You know how many shots he took in the game? EIGHT. And half of them were in the first quarter. He took just one shot in the fourth quarter and airballed it. It wasn't like the game was out of hand, it was a nip and tuck till the end. Just like the Cavs last night, the Bulls were waiting for MJ to take over, or at least show he cared...but it never came.

it's never about just the number of's the demeanor. Bulls were up 2-1 in this series and stole home court, Jordan carried them in the game 3 win...didn't have a good game 4 and they lost, teammates didn't play well which was often the case. He comes out next game and plays the same passive way LBJ/KB have been accused of. Floats passes, has weird turnovers where his head doesn't seem in the game, content to just dump off the ball to his teammates and watch them 25 feet away from the hoop, content to have Brad Sellers take late clock jumpers rather than look or demand for the ball. There was defensive pressure sure, it's the bad boy Pistons after all, just like there was defensive pressure any time Lebron plays the Celtics. Great defense or not, you can't watch the game and not come out thinking the same thing you thought last was MJ doing?

Even the announcers were puzzled and wondering what the hell was going on...

“he hasn’t really gotten that aggressive look at the offensive end so far”

”it’s almost like Jordan is on cruise control”

”at this point, Jordan is not even looking at the basket. More or less content to be a decoy”

”he’s been as quiet as a mouse, he just hasn’t been looking at the hoop and I think he has to”

Now put yourself back in 1989. You just watched MJ go through the motions for an entire game in the biggest game of his career, and it's more than likely because he's pissed at his team for not helping him in the previous game. Would you not be questioning his "killer instinct", "will to win" etc etc? Fast forward 5 years, when Jordan completes the three peat...are you still saying the same thing? Lebron's "killer instinct" was just fine when he refused to lose vs. Pistons in '07, in game 7 vs. Celts in '08, when he saved Cavs from elimination with one of the most dominant fourth quarters I've ever seen in game 5 vs. Magic last year, but now his legacy is forever tarnished over "killer instinct"?

The point of this post? Before you start going wild over last night's game, know that going back to Jordan's career at the same age, you'd be saying the same thing and come out looking like an ass once his career was done. The biggest difference between when MJ had these "I am going to prove a point" games 20 years ago to now? He didn't have the entire world congregating on the internet and accuse him of dogging it.
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