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Default Re: MJ was doing the same stuff at Lebron's age too...

I think the difference(and it's not really Lebron's fault) is that because of Mike Brown's offensive system or lack thereof, Lebron still has to carry the Cavs offensively, despite playing with a talented roster.

Jamison had been a consistent 20 ppg scorer for 5 years in Washington, even while sharing the ball with Arenas and Butler. He was averaging 20.5 ppg this season with Washington, yet he comes to Cleveland and averages less than 16 ppg in the regular season with them, 16 ppg for the playoffs and now 13 ppg vs Boston.

Lebron averaged 30/7/9 on 50% shooting in the regular season and now 29/8/7 on 52% shooting in the playoffs. Lebron averages nearly twice as many points as anyone else on the team and he's asked to be their point forward as well. Simply put, you can't rely on 1 guy to do that much if you expect to win a championship. He averaged 38/8/8 in the ECF last year and they still lost. Jordan, Kobe, Wilt ect. never won when they had to do that much. Jordan only started winning when Phil Jackson came in, put in an offense that didn't rely on him carrying them all the time and it got the best out of his teammates.

I seriously doubt that Lebron is going to win a championship with Mike Brown as his head coach.
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