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Originally Posted by knickscity
I wouldn't say Yao is better than K.G., that's ridiculous. Kobe made it to the playoffs with some doo-doo surrounding him. Lebron's Cavs would have been in the East finals against Miami had he got a little more help, but second round, not bad for your first trip there. Dirk made it to the finals, partly because the team rode his offensive shooting and the teams refined defense. If anyone think K.G. is better than those three I want some of the ish they smoking!
Kobe had Odom helping him out all year, and they had a semi easy schedule. Lebron had Jones helping with his shooting, Varejao rebounding well down low, and Ilgauskas posting up, those are some good pieces. Don't even try to say Dirk didn't have help. Howard, Terry, Stackhouse, and Harris were huge help all year. McHale has surrounded KG with garbage, which has kept the Wolves out of contention.
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