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Default Re: Vick signs with Eagles

I guess this is the only real thread...

I'm not sure how to feel about this. I'm a big believer in "team chemistry" and the Eagles ownership has always been very good at bringing in good character guys on to the team and getting rid of the rotten apples. There had to be something in his meetings with the Eagles that showed the team that he's a changed guy and won't cause a distraction. Which I don't really see Vick himself being a distraction, but the media circus that will come just because of his past and PETA could become an off the field problem just because of who he is. So with all eyes on him I'm sure Vick will be on his best behavior, it's what comes with his signing that I'm worried about.

If McNabb suffered any kind of an injury during the season I'd feel much more comfortable with a talent like Vick under center than a dud like Kolb or Feeley. That's just simple. If the Eagles are interested in the wildcat than he could be a huge weapon and they have practiced that in training camp with DeSean Jackson under center. Problem with DeSean is from what I seen of the occasional wildcat with him last year he has a very weak arm and if he has to throw he floats the ball.

Can't see Vick being used in the return game at all. We already have one of those "problems that are good to have" in that we have so many return guys in Maclin, DeSean, and Demps. I highly doubt to see him there.

I hope it works out. Like I said it's not Vick I'm worried about, he's a talented guy and I highly doubt he'll cause a problem himself. It's everything that comes with him that I'm worried about. Hopefully he does well with the media in his first press conferences to get them to settle down before the season starts.

Either way, a Vick/Eagles black jersey would be hot.
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