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Default What will you miss?

I'll miss the announcer announcing danilo gallonaris name in a special way. God honestly I really will miss him the most. It's hitting me now that this guy could of been a legit off the bench guy. Things can't happen but if it could I wouldn't of included him. After 2-3 years our roster changes and it does hurt younger fans like myself. The fact of missing David Lee, that guy was somewhat my hero of NY.

Never would I of thought seeing someone of Amare and Melo ever in a Knicks jersey. We can now actually say our teams going to the playoffs. Next year, were going to contend for it. The changed make you miss, the fans the way we supported our team. Win or win, win or lose, through the losing streaks, we watched their games. There will be bangwagonors now. We all know who showed care for our team.

It's a sad day to see the sun when the clouds clear. But when the clouds wasn't there the sun still shined bright. We are going up little by little. Soon people like myself at age 18 can say were going to the playoffs. Hopefully I can upgrade that to were going to win a ring.

Carmelo Anthony & Chauncy Billups better be ready to win something rather it's respect or a ring. We didn't bring these guys in just to throw away some really good by far good role players away into a already contending teams hands. What worrys me the most is Billups. He wanted to retire in Denver what makes us think even if he had 80% in him left he would attempt a 100% in NY? Chauncy doesn't have a heart here, just his shoes and a contract.

I'm truly going to miss the days where were all concerned about finding another star it braught excitement and yet it didn't bring much patience. Now were in for a ride finding role players or a legit center, the third star either falls from the sky because I'm not and you aren't going to stress him anytime soon with what we have already. Someone mentioned Amare not worrying about foul trouble because he doesn't need to carry the team for 4 quarters he can play defense we have two people who can have the ball during crunch time and both are experienced, not to mention Billups.
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