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Default Re: What will you miss?

It's a business.

Did anyone see the ticket prices?

The average ticket for tonite's game was $200

Now it's over $750

Dolan wants to make as much money as possible.

This is a gold mine to him.

The Knicks became the most valuable NBA franchise when Amar'e stepped on the court.

That is sure to go through the roof now with Melo here.

No brainer from a business standpoint.

That's why Dolan got involved.

I think he spun Walsh's word on him.

Dolan says to Walsh: "Walsh you told me you were clearing cap for two star players in 2010. You are six months late, but that's OK, we need to do this."

Dolan really meant: "I gotta get Melo, so I can justify these high ass prices, even raise it some more".

When business men get emotional and attached, they lose money, every single time.

Now for basketball side.

The kids were good, but there will be others.

They always played hard, good citizens, coachable, and had pride in themselves.

They need to go out there in Denver and do the exact same thing.

I expect them to.

But once again, if you want to win it all, you have to make decisions that you may not wanna make.

Melo was not going into the free agency with any uncertainty.

Who would?

Walsh knew it too, and he said so.

Melo was going to sign that extension with somebody.

I am not mad at him wanting his money.

And I'm not mad at Walsh giving up two of the three that everyone especially on here was willing to do.

It was always Gallo-Chandler-Fields

At most two out of three, but not all three.

And that's what happened.

Mozgov was never in the equation and if anyone tells me that Mozgov meant no Melo, they are insane.

Walsh gave up the picks because they cost money.

Walsh gave up Chandler because he could afford to resign him.

Gallo kills the cap space in 2012's summer, if they extend him.

It had to be done.

Smart for business, smart for the fans that want to have a chance to see a winner.
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