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Default Re: The Walking Dead

Originally Posted by Thorpesaurous

Today they have an hour and a half of infomercials, and then tonight they have two hours blocked off for Val Kilmer's Red Planet. This is a major part of why I never got into Mad Men, or Breaking Bad, or Rubicon. You gotta give me an opportunity to get hooked. I have serious compulsion issues, and I love good writing, but you gotta give me a chance. I'm their audience, and they can't seem to get me.

I sort of agree with this. I was interested in seeing Breaking Bad, I just never knew when it was on, when the new season started.....I didn't even know what channel it was on until just now.

It's true. AMC needs to do a better job of reaching people. But I got to say, they did find me with The Walking Dead. It was the huge ad on the front of the Yahoo Mail page. That's how they got me.
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