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Default Re: Is Tony Romo on pace to become the biggest choke artist in NFL history?

If Peyton Manning was called a choker after games in which he played well (like Pittsburgh in 2005, SD in 2007) then Romo, for sure, should be called a choker in a game where he didn't play particularly well.

I'm not agreeing with it, but if it was acceptable back then it has to be now.

To me, this game can't be pinned on Romo. Was he a part of the equation as to why they lost? Sure, and that has to stop... he can't keep up this routine of being a reason they lose in the playoffs.... but to me? Their defense didn't play particularly well. The offensive line was pretty bad. It was a combination of things that lost them the game.

Romo made some steps in the right direction. He balled in the late part of the season and in their playoff win over Philly. It's something to build on.
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