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Default Re: How high does Philly rise?

i have a HUGE respect for the D the new coach has them playing. they really stuck it to us (portland) and the spurs. if they can keep on rolling with brand back, and figure out how to integrate him and become a team who can run OR play in the half court, they are going to be a nightmare match up in the first roud of the playoffs... with a chance to break out, imo.

i'm not expecting them to upset someone, but i think there's an outside chance that could happen, and whoever has to play against them in the first round is going to come out of that series VERY tired. i think they'll win at least one, and probably two games in the first round this year if brand meshes well with the new style.

i'll have to look at the standings and their schedule before i can really try to guess at where they'll wind up being seeded in the playoffs, though.
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