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Default Re: So...Roger Goodell withheld evidence from Roger Goodell (Elliot abuse case)

There are police affidavits saying she got the injuries in a bar fight that night. The biggest issue is that she has been on record telling different stories that don't match up which is why the judge had to throw out the case altogether. The judge doesn't care what Zeke does for a living and isn't a conspiracy theorist.

If one of her stories says Zeke beat her up in a car, and another story says he beat her up in the bed room....well one of those is a lie. She definitely lied at some point.

Also, the NFLs lead investigator was the only person to talk to the victim and came to the conclusion that Zeke should not be punished at all.

I don't know what Zeke did, but I definitely don't rule out that he did nothing at all.
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