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Default Re: would you trade Iverson, and for who?

Originally Posted by KRAYZIE
Please stop with the trade Iverson crap. I know you dislike the guy, but that doesn't mean Nugget fans aree with you and would want to trade him for Kirk Heinrich or any other scrubs you've listed. Iverson may be an aging player, but that doesn't mean he will no longer be as effective anymore, in fact everyone thought that his production would decrease this season and he ended proving everyone wrong by having one of his best seasons career-wise. I would like to see him retire as a Nugget and hope they are willing to give him what he wants, 3 or maybe 6 year extension.

i think i understand where both you and mile high are coming from- so sure a trade iverson though would offend you both- but why cant you see that if you can feel free to talk about trade carmelo and give away camby stuff then shouldnt someone who feels that those 2 players are the franchise be allowed to talk about the other guys

the perfect rebuilding plan of camby nene & CARMELO and all cap space and picks possible- & all the picks and all the cap space go to just iverson & kmart- shouldnt a fan of the nuggets be allowed to question that?

iverson will not opt out of his 20 million dollar contract- he would lose atleast 10 but more likely 15-

i still go back to this knicks trade to ask any nugget fan or any iverson fan's opinion on why this trade wouldnt help the nuggets

iverson for pick #6, david lee, j jeffries, & j james

i think three players like lee, jeffries, and westbrook would be a steal- i would add future picks from nugs- lee and jeffries would both be perfect defensive role players to allow kmart to be moved elsewhere- westbrook is the best defensive pg that as come through any draft for a long time

would the knicks take a trade like that? would swapping camby for randolph get the deal done?- would the nets trade #10, nachbar & kristic- try not to look at any of this as hate on iverson- i just really wonder if he is tradeable and what kind of pakage he could bring-

i just dont get it- i dont know (in real life) any nugget fan that is quick to say get rid of melo & camby- iverson & kmart are so obviously the players who have added the least for the most- melo & camby made us legit& and with guys like jr,nene,& klieza the future is still bright imo- why blow it up now- this could still be put back on the right track someday- does anyone truly see an iverson nugget team winning the title one of these next few years?

personally i believe that the nugs will win championships- im just sad to admit i dont think its during the camby era so i think if it takes him to rebuild then it should be done- if its a giveaway it cant be camby (imo)
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