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Default offseason plan....

everyone post thier ideal, but somewhat realistic offseason plan....

ill go 1st...

trade: odom, brown, radman, vujacic, 48th for o'neal and tinsley
trade: cook 19th for artest
trade: 40th for 56th and david noel--on draft day
sign: eddie jones (MLE) and royal ivey (cheap)

-bring back walton and mihm....let mckie and smush go

draft: 56th- glen davis-lsu



**i know some moves were weird, like noel and ivey....but those are guys just to fill out roster spots after we trade everybody away.....

**i know they're probably not going to be able to get artest and oneal without giving up bynum, but one can dream...right....and i think we can keep our 1st round pick if we agree to take tinsley off thier hands....

...your turn....
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