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Default Maybe this is PM worthy, but I have a feeling fellow Bobcats' fans have wondered too.

Onewickedlady - please take no disrespect or offense from this. I do not ask with intentions of being perverted, gutter-minded, etc. Never been on that level with you. You've always been cool as hell, down-to-earth and have your own distinctive/original personality here. I think I speak for us all when I say you're cool as hell (as I just said =P).

I was just wondering... what is the origin or meaning behind your username? Onewickedlady - what does it mean? So we know you're "one" - "lady" - but it's the "wicked" part that leaves us (or at least me) perplexed. Would you care to elaborate or enlighten us fellow Bobcats' fans as to what exactly it entails?

^ to you, and again, please don't take offense or think I'm asking in a disrespectful manner.

Does it have something to do with an owl?

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