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Default Re: Maybe this is PM worthy, but I have a feeling fellow Bobcats' fans have wondered too.

Originally Posted by Legend of Josh
Fair enough... but what's the wicked about... and what's the owl all about? ... and you have to admit, the owl pic I posted it cool. You should change that to your avatar.

Wicked to me means playful and mischievous. the owl is just from One Wicked Lady. Of course owls are considered to be wise and I like to think of myself as such. I like your owl avatar. How do I change mine. It really is time for a change. I've gotten ragged on about the 'wicked' thing by other folks in my non-blog life but they are either super religious relatives who think of Satan or Law of Attraction relatives who think I'm setting up bad karma for myself by using a term--wicked--that has 'dark' connotations. I think that they should just lighten up and have some fun but then that's just my opinion...

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