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Default Re: Maybe this is PM worthy, but I have a feeling fellow Bobcats' fans have wondered too.

Originally Posted by onewickedlady
Do you mind taking me step-by-step through the process of changing my avatar to your owl?

Sure - no problem.


1) Go to "User CP" it's located on the sites tool bar ... see where it says User CP, FAQ, Members List, Calendar, etc?

2) On the Left side, you'll see a vertical tool bar thingy where it says "Control Panel" ... at the bottom of the box you'll see "Edit Avatar" - click there.

3) In the center you'll see a pic of your current avatar, and under it you'll have the option to either upload a pic you have saved to your computer, or you can copy & paste the URL of a picture or image you found say off images or whatever off the internet.

4) Click on the "Save Changes" button right below the options where you change your avatar.

*** extra tips ***

If you can get an image/picture 100x 100 pixels that'll be the max (and best) size image you can use for your avatar. If not, I believe the site will resize the image for you, but I've had times where it told me the size or image would not work or was invalid.

Basically, just either save the avatar pic you want to your computer and use the upload option, or find the pic on the internet, then "right click" the image and depending on what Windows (or Mac) version you have, in the drop down options you should see one that says "Copy URL of image" or something to that effect... then go back to InsideHoops in the change avatar options and *paste* the URL address in the box-line and save changes.

Should work fine either way.
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