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Default Re: Kawhi's Raptors Ring is better and more impactful than Any of LeBron's rings

Originally Posted by 3ball
Can't wait to hear your thoughts on 07' Lebron:

Giannis 19' ECF.n vs. Champs - 23/14/6 on 44.8 fg.. 23.7% on jumpers
Lebron. 07' Finals vs. Champs - 22/7/6.. on 35.6 fg.. 17.9% on jumpers

...which shows how much lebron gets a pass and another indication he's overrated

Links for jumpshot stats:



Durant didn't play in 2016, so that's moot

Dray cancels Klay

Bogut cancels Looney

Curry averaged 30.5 in 2019 versus 22.6 in 2016

Klay averaged 26.0 in 2019 versus 19.6 in 2016

No comparison.. despite attempts to change the facts, the historical record on the injuries is public record, so anyone can see that Curry/Klay were literally 10 ppg stronger in 2019, and Dray/Klay cancel.

No, they just didn't play Lebron-ball, so they were still decent without their star.. Any team that has 1 big ball-dominator (lebron-ball, harden-ball, westbrook-ball) will lose without their ball-dominator . It isn't just Lebron - the 06' Suns sucked without Nash - if a team employs the ball-dominant, CP3-Nash-Lebron brand, the team will lose without that player.. that's just how that brand works

Otoh, teams that don't have a ball-dominator (most champions) are playing good basketball moving the ball with or without their top guy... what makes their top guy great, is that he can come back and simply add his elite production right on top without taking away from anyone (i.e. he's elite both on-ball and off, so he fits with any player type - kawhi has this on-ball/off-ball capability, along with the other winners like curry, kobe, durant, MJ, bird)
Without LeBron around to intimidate him, obviously Curry’s scoring went up. People forget how terrified Curry was of LeBron before he had daddy Durant to hide behind.
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