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Default Re: Lakers News: Lakers Sign Free Agent Guard Nick Young

Originally Posted by tamaraw08
Apparently NOT WELL from the 3pt line bec his career % is 30.5%,
Overall he is only shooting 42.3%.
fyi, Wesley Johnson has career ave of 33.6% from the 3pt line,
I thought is was higher!
Speaking for myself, I dont have the time to watch every single game and I don't remember every player, so I go to the actual stats to go away from my subjective thoughts that are ways usually on the limited games I see players play.

in his rookie yr adleman buried him on bench with love/beasley no playing time...he is a pf & Adleman wanted him to lay @ sf

stats are overrated when you look at the whole picture...their starting 5 were:
alex shved
d will
stiesma as pek was injured most of time...

he has the shot...look at last yr's wolves ...who was getting double teamed? player like these needs to be a little bit open to hit that shot...which they can here in LA

my 2 cents...
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