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Default Re: What are you reading?

Im currently reading Michael Connellys' latest novel called 'The Fifth Witness'. Its the fourth novel in the Mickey Haller series (The Lincoln Lawyer). Im about 60% done with it and its turning out to be a decent legal procedural.. Its not a great novel but its a good read for a genre novel.

Im also in the middle of reading a couple of other novels. I had read half of 'The World House' by Guy Adams. Its a book about a house in an alternate dimension with an infinite amount of rooms that open up to anything from a mountainous region to a jungle.. For no specific reason I grew bored with it and haven't returned to it. The other novel is the second book in the Ice and Fire fantasy series called 'A Clash of Kings'. I have only read about 70 pages of that and plan to likely return to it, once I finish reading 'The Fifth Witness'. I kind of burned out on the Ice and Fire reading.. since the first novel was over 700 pages.. So I thought I would give the medieval-like time setting, a break.
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