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Default Re: So are we gonna pretend that Wade didnt have a better game that leBron???

Its funny to see all the 3rd grade level comments on this board. I really feel for our country when the intellect level is dropping down this low that we can't even have logical debates. Even worse is that ppl actually believe the crap that come out of their mouth.

Why can't we just leave it at both Wade AND Lebron brought it today. Both of them played winning bball. Both of them contributed very well to their win. If one of them didn't have as good of a game, then they would have lost. It's simple as that. I am a HUGE Kobe fan. But it doesn't blind me to talent when i see it.

Only idiots will claim that Lebron is a sidekick to Wade. Only idiots will claim that Wade is a sidekick to Lebron. The entire season we saw that they are both first options about equally on average. Some games they go to the person who is feeling it more. They both play extremely well, and have an equally huge impact on the game.

It's also funny that when Lebron shows up in the's "luck" and then when he chokes in the clutch, it's because he's "mentally weak" or a "choker". I think it's time that majority of the people on this board stop talking out of their a$$, or just bash a player because he might be a rival of your favorite player, or has crappy fans, or even because of race. When you see greatness, just be happy that you got to witness it. I for one am glad that i've got to witness amazing bball this playoffs already - the best one being Lakers getting swept by my mavs of course
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