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Default Re: Favorite Beatles song (songs)?

Originally Posted by Smoke117
No it wasn't. I generally don't care for woman singing in general though I adore Emmylou Harris because 1. She was a ****ing fox when she was younger and 2. she sang with Gram Parson's one of my favorite country musicians but you are just wrong...this just doesn't have close to the emotion and heart break as the original as Paul sang sang it.

completely disagree I guess.

I think it has more soul and emotion than Paul's version. I think Paul is a genius technical singer and has his moments in which he showed great soul and emotion, but Harris bests him with her version.

I also prefer the music on this version as well. It's more solemn and true to the song than the original in my book. The harpsichord sounds too baroque and the English horn sounds too aristocratic.
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