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Default Re: #66 NBA Player Of All-Time According to InsideHoops

Originally Posted by JellyBean
Dude we have Dr. J in the top 20. Last time I checked, he was an ABA legend. Artis Gilmore's accomplishments hold weight in the NBA and with the ISH, I hope. :)

Yes he is, but not because of his ABA accolades (his NBA accolades are THAT strong)... if those did count he would be a top 10 player... it is what it is... ABA sure "merged" with the NBA late 70s, but the ABA players accolades didnt since it was more like a bowdown to the NBA (a league that already existed and that was better), i mean the ABA & NBA didnt form a new league.... it was still the NBA, ABA more like simply sent some of their players/teams, nothing changed with the NBA but everything changed with ABA (hell, it ceased to exist).... it was more like an expansion of the NBA, simply more players/teams that just so happened to come from another league... what you did before that doesnt matter, you are now in the NBA...

Its kindof like when WEC merged with UFC... "We cant compete with you, before we die please sign some of these fighters as a sign of good gesture and do as you wish with them" (no pun intended)

If you were talking about how good of a basketball player someone was you sure can include everything he did... but if you are talking about how good of a NBA player he was then it is more specific/limited.. to only that leagues accomplishments/accolades/achievements/milestones/legacy/whatever you want to call it...

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