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Default Re: Jae Crower is garbage

Originally Posted by Phenith
It's more like Brad Stevens is a genius and got every ounce from him that he could.
LeBron doesn't draw out the best in most players and Lue is just a face on the bench so LBJ can run things how he wants. Most players look a lot more pedestrian when playing with LeBron, it's not a new thing, it's been a good 10+ years of us seeing it happen to various players.

You want to talk about garbage, talk about LBJs ability to adapt to his decreasing speed and athleticism. His only real move is to put his head down and drive like a bull to the basket and that just isn't efficient anymore.

lebron personally adapts pretty well even with only like one or two moves...but youre spot on about the intangibles stuff. Its too obvious its all about him and his legacy..everyone is just a merc next to him. No motivation. same thing happened to Kobe poast -2010. The team just didnt care anymore.
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