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Default Re: Ric Bucher: Owners of both NBA/NHL teams, say a whole season lockout is worth it.

Originally Posted by Sarcastic
It's been my contention all along that revenue sharing is needed. I am pretty sure I have stated that in this thread already.

Also the owners definitely won the last CBA negotiation. The players caved in at the last minute and agreed to capped salaries.

Your talking about 1998. The last CBA was signed in 2005. And I disagree tha the Players lost in 1998, the middle and lower classes of NBA players won, the only guys who lost were the superstars who could have got contracts over max.

Here are the results of the 2005 CBA negotiation >>>

This a list of demands the Owners had back in 2005:

- An increase of the age limit of 20 or 21 (was 18 prior to the new CBA),
- Reducing the maximum length of contracts would be 3 or 4 years if re-signing (was previously 6 or 7 years),
- Reduction in the maximum raises in contracts to 5% (down from 10 to 12.5%), and
- Teams would be subjected to a super luxury tax if they exceeded the cap too much.

Here's what the Owners and Players actually agreed to:

- Age limit of 19,
- Maximum contract length went down 5 or 6 years,
- Raises went from 10% to 8% if go to new team; and 12.5% to 10.5% if re-sign,
- No super luxury tax imposed,
- The players slice of the revenue pie was guaranteed at 57%, and
- The formula used to calculate salary went up from 48% to 51% of revenues, raising the amount of money each team could spend on players pretty substantially.
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