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Default Re: Bobcats draft Kemba Walker, trade for Bismack Biyombo

Originally Posted by senelcoolidge
I like Kemba. I think he will do well. Yes, he's small, but he plays hard. I think he will be one of the better rookie scorers. The Bobcats are not a good offensive team, so Walker will take some of the load. Doing this will probably effect his FG%, he may take a lot of shots. I would not be surprised if Augustin is not with the team at season's end.
Biyombo, I'm not sure about this guy. He will probably have an occasional defensive highlight, like blocking somebody. But he's very limited offensively and I think better forwards will take advantage of him. He's like a Joel Anthony from the Miami Heat. Basically when he's on the floor it maybe 4 vs. 5 because of his limitations.
Maggette is just filler. He will provide offense. He's a black hole/selfish. But he can score points. He's not a long term guy.

If there is a season I don't think Biyombo will be on the team due to his contract in Spain.
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