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I have to head back to work but I'll leave with this:

Nolan picked Smith specifically for his smarts and his character. He was a Nolan guy, much like he's a Harbaugh guy. Rodgers didn't fit that mold nor any other of the top level QB prospects in that draft. The best thing to ever happen to Aaron Rodgers is to be on the bench behind Favre and learn not only the game but to be patient. I understand there's a ton of money in these picks but with the new deal maybe not as much, and it's hard to justify sitting a player like that for a year or two but that's really the way it should work 90% of the time.

If we could go back and do it again I'd like to pick Rodgers, but I really honestly believe he'd now be considered a pretty good to good QB if he went through the same situation as Alex. Not a great one. And if Alex went to GB I believe he'd be considered a pretty good to good QB too. But neither team would be wildly successful.

I stand by what I said, if we went back and did it again and I knew Smith would be handled properly I wouldn't mind it as much as one would think. We've seen his flashes, but he's struggled with consistency, and I believe it's a confidence/mental thing. If he had a coach like this from day one, who knows what he could have done... granted I think some extra receivers early on would have helped.

I certainly hope he continues to improve, he deserves it. I hope he stays healthy and leads this team to a better plateau.
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