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Originally Posted by HaNdLe ThE RoCk
that whole list is messed up, everything on that list is false except ravens

There was no need to say that... And your list isnt much better, Giants in super bowl... wishful thinking, have you seen kansas city or heard any of the hype, L J isnt gunna produce like he has before and their O-line is depleating, also their defence is starting to go down the tube, I like philly cause theyre healthy plain and simple, i doubt theyll make theyll have the best record ( which is why i put longshot), and you know the teams u expect barely ever win it, and phillys gotten clsoe so many times i think they just need to finish the job, McNabb is playing incredibly and stalworth proved himself, their defence is staying strong and they still have a decent running back in westbrook. expect good things from LT, new qb probably less passing plays and that leaves tomlinson for more touches, dont underestimate him.

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