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Default Re: Grand Theft Auto V discussion

I have a minor complaint about the game, but it's a spoiler, so don't read the white text unless you've already unlocked Trevor.

This game ruined Johnny's character for me. You know, the Johnny from the Lost MC in GTA IV's The Lost & Damned DLC? Yeah, him. What a p*ssy way to die for a character who was made to look like a bad ass in the GTA series' previous installment.
"It's just that... I still love her, man." Then proceeds to hug the man who just f*cked his slutty, coked out g/f. Then proceeds to get his head smashed in until he dies. So disappointed.
I like to go back and play older games' story modes every so often & GTA IV The Lost & Damned has been completely ruined for me. I don't think I can play that game any more without thinking of Johnny as a bitch ass p*ssy.

Yeah, it's a minor complaint. Hell, it might not even be important to anyone else. I just wish R* had done that a different way.

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